Matter & Information = Life
The principles are immutable, their interpretation what we want.

This picture shows two levels of abstractions, it is also the front and back image of the book!

Main Concepts

Matter: Interacting Particles.

Matter is defined in a practical way as anything that has mass and charge and is occupying space. From a philosophical point of view, matter is defined as a being. Let me say that matter is any element that acts, that is, a being is anything tangible that our senses perceive directly or indirectly. In this book, or for the author, matter is a group of particles that has mass and charge, has a place in space and can create disruptive actions. Matter exists by itself.

Information: Trials To Matter.

Informational ability is a necessary condition for living beings; without it, there are no living beings. Information, from the practical point of view, is a collection of facts or data that has meaning. From a philosophical point of view, information is associated with the truth, referring to the idea that there are principles that create an absolute truth and that ultimately we can understand. For this book, information is the result of the informational ability. Informational ability is a process coming from the structure and functioning of living matter, this process allows the creation of organisms. Informational ability is a necessary condition for living beings, without it, there are no living beings. Informational ability is not a sufficient but a necessary condition for life.

Life: Matter With Informational Ability.

From the classical point of view “life is a property of organic beings by which they grow, reproduce and respond to stimuli” (Larousse, 2007). From a philosophical standpoint, “life is force or substantial internal activity, with which the being who possesses it works” (Lengua, 2009). For this book, life is a whole system-process synthesis from specific material structure disequilibrium, with which informational ability emerges, creating an individual organism. That is, a material structure-disequilibrium that acquires the ability to discriminate the actions received from an environment and decides to act or not to act.

Beings - Objects - Elements

Let us define by the numbers –one, two and three– (1, 2 and 3) three concepts: one being, two objects, and three elements. Beings are made of matter. Objects are informational representations of the beings. The elements can be defined as one or the other, interchangeably –beings, objects or pure abstractions. To help us, let’s see an example: one car being, two car objects and three car elements. The car is the being. The two cars are discriminated by two living beings (you reader and me writer) creating objects and three elements, one car being plus two car objects.

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